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The wireless mouse is a compact pointing device with wireless support. Depending on the type of connection used, it can work with a computer or laptop using an induction, radio frequency or Bluetooth interface.

How to connect a wireless mouse to a PC

Windows laptops support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by default. The presence of a wireless module on the motherboard of a desktop computer can be checked through "Device Manager". If it is not, then to connect the Wireless-mouse will have to buy a special adapter.

Option 1: Bluetooth Mouse

The most common type of device. Mice are characterized by minimal delay and high response speed. They can work at a distance of up to 10 meters. Connection order:

    Open "Start" and in the list on the right, select "Devices and Printers".

Sort the icons by category and select “View devices and printers”.

A list of connected printers, keyboards, and other pointing devices is displayed. Click “Adding a device”.

  • Wait until Windows installs all the necessary software, drivers and drivers on your computer or laptop and click Done.
  • After that, the wireless mouse will appear in the list of available devices. Move it and see if the cursor moves around the screen. Now the manipulator will automatically connect to the PC immediately after switching on.

    Option 2: RF Mouse

    The devices come complete with an RF receiver, so they can be used with modern laptops and relatively old stationary computers. Connection order:

      Connect the RF receiver to your computer or laptop via the USB port. Windows will automatically detect the device and install the necessary software, drivers.

    Press the button if necessary "Connect" (located on top). On some models it is missing. This completes the connection of the RF mouse.

    If the device has a light indicator, then after pressing the button "Connect" it will blink, and after a successful connection will change color. To avoid wasting battery power, when you are finished using your computer, slide the switch to "OFF".

    Option 3: Induction Mouse

    Mice with induction power are no longer available and are almost never used. Manipulators work using a special tablet, which acts as a rug and comes bundled. Pairing Order:

    1. Use the USB cable to connect the tablet to the computer. If necessary, move the slider to "On". Wait until the drivers are installed.
    2. Place the mouse on the center of the mat and do not move it. After that, the power indicator on the tablet should light up.

    Press button "Tune" and start pairing. The indicator should change color and start flashing.

    As soon as the light turns green, the mouse can be used to control the computer. The device must not be moved from the tablet and placed on other surfaces.

    Depending on the technical features, wireless mice can connect to a computer via Bluetooth using a radio frequency or induction interface. A Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter is required for pairing. It can be built into a laptop or purchased separately.

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    Overview of Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

    • Author: Uvarov A.S.
    • 10.10.2009

    Somehow it happened that most users, even those who very carefully approach the issue of choosing hardware for their PC, do not pay due attention to the choice of keyboard and mouse. It would seem what to expect from these simple devices, and when choosing the first role is played by the price and appearance of the purchased device. Gamers approach this issue more thoroughly (though they have their own requests) and people who have long and professionally worked on a PC and on their own skin have experienced all the advantages of ergonomics and quality products.

    A rather unpleasant mouse defect prompted me to write this review. A4-Tech Glaser Mouse which I used at work. It seems that the mouse is not the cheapest in its class, but after about three months it began to creak in the most disgusting way when you click the left mouse button and pretty much rattle when moving around the table.

    On the third day of such indecency, seriously taking care of the mouse change, I remembered about half a year already lying at home in the closet Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000, which worked for me flawlessly a year and a half and was later replaced by Wireless Laser Mouse 6000v2.0 just because I wanted something new. In the evening, the mouse was removed from the cabinet, wiped from dust and continued to work in the office, and once again I was convinced from my own experience that the quality and convenience of my money were worth it.

    As I already said, Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 relatively inexpensive mouse, on its cost today is 1228 rubles. 50 kopecks (or $ 39), which is quite comparable with similar models of famous brands. The mouse comes in a presentable red box, which in addition to the mouse contains a transceiver, two AA batteries, instructions and a software disc. The excellent appearance of the package and the characteristics of the mouse make it a good gift. The batteries last for a long time, maybe not for six months, as the manufacturer claims, but for three to four months for sure. Batteries with a capacity of 1200 mA / hour work for about one and a half to two months, which is also not bad.

    Actually, the mouse is made entirely of plastic, on the top surface it is glossy plastic, the color is “black metallic”, on the sides and bottom the black is a little transparent and rough to the touch, it’s convenient - the fingers do not slip. A silver icon is inserted at the bottom center High definition laser technology, a little lower silvery inscription Microsoft.

    The mouse lies in the hand very conveniently, differs in a smooth ride and good positioning on any surface. By the way, this is the only mouse in the series Wireless laser mouse equally suitable for lefties and righties.

    The silk is clear over the entire surface of the button, the click sound is quite muffled, especially compared to inexpensive mice. The wheel is wide with a silicone coating, pleasant for the fingers, the scrolling is a little taut, but very clear, getting used to it allows you to scroll documents very accurately or control the scale.

    The wheel also tilts to the sides, allowing you to scroll documents horizontally. Clicking the middle button is clear, requiring little effort, which eliminates false positives. There are two buttons on the sides, which by default perform the functions of "Back" and "Forward".

    Activating this function displays a magnifying glass window in the cursor area, which allows you to not only view the enlarged image but also perform any action. It is convenient, for example, when you want to edit several small objects in a large image, allowing you to enlarge only the desired area, without enlarging the entire image.

    The workmanship of the mouse is also at its best, for more than a year and a half of operation, nothing creaks anywhere, it has not dispersed, it has not fallen off. In light of all of the above, the price no longer seems quite high, but rather corresponds to the quality and capabilities of the product. True, I want to warn you about one danger, after buying this mouse, mice of other manufacturers may cease to exist for you, and then you will also want a Microsoft keyboard. By the way, this mouse is available not only as a separate product, but is also part of the kit Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 5000where, in addition to the mouse, there is also a very good wireless ergonomic keyboard. So you can immediately kill two birds with one stone at once.


    * Check with the seller for exact specifications.

    Main characteristics

    Appointmentdesktop computer
    Wireless typeradio channel
    Connection interfaceUSB
    Colorthe black
    Number of keys5
    Horizontal scrollingthere is
    Number of programmable keys5
    Scroll wheelthere is
    Optical Sensor Resolution1000 dpi
    Designfor right and left hand
    Wireless connectionthere is
    Type ofoptical laser
    Dimensions122x73 mm

    * Check with the seller for exact specifications.