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How to make a man want you madly: follow this instruction


There is hardly a man who will offer to have sex at the first meeting, except perhaps only inexperienced. Of course, it is unlikely that a woman will agree to this. Therefore, for starters, a man begins to simply communicate with his passion and becomes a friend to her in order to find out better, to find the right approach to her. Friendship can gradually develop into a romantic relationship, and then into a sexual relationship.

More often than not, men know that a woman taught, possibly through bitter experience, would be wary to expect that the new gentleman needed only sex from her. Approaching too quickly, close flirtation and constant tactile contact can lead to the same thoughts. That is why men are trying, slowly, to gain confidence and arouse a woman's desire for intimacy, becoming for her a sort of knight, ready to just be around, support and communicate on different topics.

Not all representatives of the fair sex believe in friendship between a man and a woman. But when a new satellite suddenly begins to communicate in a friendly manner, without requiring any romance, let alone sexual relations, the girl may really be surprised and even believe that she has the one she has been looking for for so long. Needless to say, it will be much easier to influence her in the future and move from a friendly phase to a sexual one.

No one canceled sex without obligation. Of course, it is very difficult to get it from a woman, but among men there are enough connoisseurs of this tidbit. It is believed that good friends are close in everything and often share among themselves even their sexual addictions. Men understand this and by directing the conversation in the right direction, they try to rekindle the flames of interest in their girlfriend, in the end, to persuade her to the notorious sex for friendship and without obligation.

How to turn his head

“Absence makes the heart think,” the old saying goes. And it is true. If you want the man you like to lose his head from you, first of all, make him very bored. Let him feel that you are terribly lacking.

He can be your husband or friend that you really like, he can be a former guy with whom you want to reunite, or he is your new acquaintance with whom you want to build strong relationships - in other words, if your goal is to be together with this man, let him miss you well.

How to make a man miss you

There are several ways to do this. First of all, remember that you need to do this, effortlessly, easily and beautifully.

So, no matter who the object of your sympathy is, follow this instruction from fifteen right steps. Make him miss you!

1. Stop talking to him

When you miss someone, you will agree that it is difficult to voluntarily refuse to communicate with this person.

It is only natural that you have a need for daily communication, sometimes even for hours on the phone or in chat.

But if you want the man to really start to miss you, you must "leave." Do not call him, do not write messages and even more so, do not flood him with these messages on social networks.

If you constantly appear in his life, it is quite reasonable and natural that he simply does not have time to miss you. Let the man understand that he lacks you, let him feel that he is ill without you.

Most likely, when you stop contacting him, calling or writing, the object of your sympathy will wonder where you are, what is with you, and why you suddenly disappeared.

So, the first rule - evaporate, stop contacting, disappear from his life. For women, this is a very difficult task, because they like to constantly communicate with men who are not indifferent to them.

It’s much easier for a man to endure separation, but even so, most likely, if a woman is not indifferent to him, he will soon miss her. Therefore, if you want to hook a man, be sure to try this tactic!

2. Make him wait

If you are like most women, then you have an irresistible desire to respond to his calls and SMS with the speed of lightning.

When the object of your sympathy calls or sends you a text message, your first reaction is to respond immediately, especially if you have been waiting a long time for it to appear. This is the main mistake of the majority of the fair sex.

Do you really think that if you make him wait too long, he will evaporate or lose interest in you? This is definitely not the case. And what is the result? You instantly answers his message or call.

But at this moment, a man may have the feeling that you are simply sitting at your phone, waiting for him to deign to remember you. And he will guess correctly!

Remember that men are hunters, they like to seek a woman. Answering him at the speed of light, you simplify this very hunt. He just becomes uninteresting. After all, you are easy prey for him.

So wait a break, take a walk, go to the store, meet with your girlfriends, or just watch your favorite movie, and only after that answer a call or message.

To some, these little games will seem too stupid, funny and funny, but such simple tricks really work, they make a man think about you and get bored. Therefore, patience will help you when it comes to answering a call or message as soon as possible.

How to interest a man

3. Always end the conversation first

So, the man of your dreams called you, and you, after waiting a while (see the second paragraph above), finally answered him.

And here rule number 2 comes into play: you should always end the conversation first. Be the first to write “see you tomorrow”, “good night” or other phrases meaning goodbye.

Be sure to hang up the phone first or send a text saying good night. The purpose of this trick is to make him want more.

As a rule, it is the inaccessibility of a woman that plays a key role in the fact that a man has a desire to possess her. Remember that by nature men are hunters, and everything that is difficult to access for them automatically arouses their interest.

And although ending the conversation first is always very difficult, if you like a man, you want to communicate with him for as long as possible, do it without fail. Believe me, this is how you kindle his desire and make him want you more.

Most likely, the man will soon want to contact you again, and you will have another chance to chat, but communication will already take place on the initiative of the man himself.

How to attract the attention of men

4. Limit the use of social networks

To interest a man, a woman needs a slight halo of mystery around her. Excessive activity on social networks quickly and truly destroys this mystery, making your life accessible to everyone.

Putting personal life on display for a long time has ceased to be something strange and unusual.

But if you are too active a user on social networks, this may not play into your hands when it comes to relationships with a man.

The advice to modern girls will be as follows: do not update statuses too often, limit the number of photos you share, and, of course, try not to freeze online 24 hours a day.

Many girls after passing the test or quiz share on Facebook the results. Should not be doing that. This can be a very annoying factor for all those who are online at this moment.

In addition, you do not need to communicate with your young man on social networks. If he publishes a status or posts photos, do not comment on them and do not like.

Try not to immediately see the messages that he throws to you. Maintain the image of a person who is too busy to constantly sit on social networks, and even more so, wait for a message from a man.

Such a cold attitude on your part may seem difficult, because he is so cute in that last Instagram photo, however, try to follow this advice. So the likelihood that a young man will fall into your love networks increases significantly.

5. Choose a fragrance that will remind a man of you

Have you ever found yourself smelling something reminding you of a particular person, place or event?

It may be a light perfume fragrance that brings you back to a specific time in your life. This is because our sense of smell is inextricably linked to memory.

For this reason, smells will always be associated with various memories that our brain holds.

If you want a man to miss you, make him remember your smell. Perhaps it’s worth deciding on perfumes, choosing “your” scent and be sure to wear that scent when you meet the object of your sympathy.

Be sure that the man will remember what aroma comes from you, and every time he will feel it, your image will appear in front of his eyes.

It’s also a good idea to spray some perfumes near his place of residence or his office. But you need to do this carefully and imperceptibly, so that he in no case guesses that you did it. To be intrusive in such a thing is absolutely useless.

6. Dilute relationships with mystery and surprises

Mystery attracts, and your boyfriend is no exception.

If you want a man to miss you and miss him, wrap yourself in a halo of mystery. Despite the fact that you can tell a lot about yourself, keep some secrets with you, you do not need to give out all the information about yourself at once.

Your goal is to make a man yearn for you? Then you do not need to share your life story in one sitting.

Remember that guys do not want to know everything about you right away. They are attracted to girls - puzzles that you want to solve. An open book few people like. In fact, precisely because of this, many men lose interest in the object of their sympathy.

In addition, it never hurts to surprise him with his spontaneity. Ask him to do something unexpected. Invite him to an unusual dinner or offer to try something completely new and interesting.

New adventures will always come in handy. A man does not like when he is bored. It is necessary to keep him in good shape, constantly interested in something.

If he is interested in being with the girl, then he will certainly miss her when she is not nearby.

7. Throw him a little thing reminiscent of you

Naturally, when you like a man, you want your image to flash in his head as often as possible.

There are some tricks thanks to which you can periodically remind yourself. One of these tricks, for example, is a thing forgotten by chance. But it is thanks to some small detail that your man can remember about you.

Surely you ever cleaned a room and found something that instantly took you back to a certain situation. It is amazing how powerful an ordinary tiny object has.

So, the advice will be: make a bet on leaving a little memory about yourself. For example, "forget" in the back seat of his car or at his home your hairpin, scarf or other insignificant little thing, at the sight of which he instantly remembers your existence.

When he suddenly sees an earring, a hair clip or your handkerchief, your image will immediately come to his mind and he will want to see you even more than before.

However, do not overact: do not, for example, leave your toothbrush or other items related to intimate hygiene. Such things will not add to you a halo of attractiveness, and even vice versa, of course, will cause him panic.

How to interest a guy

8. Always leave him wanting something more.

Even if you feel the taste of something tasty, you will always want another taste.

The same goes for the opposite sex. As mentioned above, by nature men are hunters and desire to possess what they cannot easily get.

Therefore, if you immediately present to the man on a silver platter what he wants, he will quickly lose interest in you. Let him fight for you and know that you do not get him easily and simply.

You, in turn, be a little flirtatious, flirt, talk, but do not present everything to him all at once on a silver platter.

For example, you should definitely not let yourself kiss on your first date, not to mention quick sex.

Make him conquer and conquer you gradually, step by step. Let your love be his reward, and not a thing that he can easily get at the click of a finger.

Only in this way will he value you both as a person and as a woman. If you at least complicate the path to your heart a little, believe me, this will only be a plus for you. It will be interesting for a real man to conquer such a woman.

9. Do not always be too accessible to him.

Even when you have already got your man’s heart, do not relax.

But you must admit, it’s very difficult to miss a person who is in your field of vision 24 hours a day.

If you are available to your man all the time, believe me, even the strongest feelings can fade noticeably. If he sees you, or you regularly answer all his phone calls and messages, he simply will not be able to get bored.

Instead of constantly spending together all the evenings and weekends, get distracted from each other. Come out sometimes with friends or girlfriends. Take time for yourself.

Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: make a man bored, plus he realizes that in addition to him, you can have other hobbies and interests, which automatically makes a woman more attractive.

In addition, let your man have time for his affairs.

Do not worry that he enjoys free time for too long. At first, your man may like it, but in the end, he will want to spend time with you. He will begin to miss the girl he likes.

Give him some personal space and give yourself personal time. It will make you look more confident in your boyfriend’s eyes. So he will understand that you are not clinging to a man, but are a completely independent person.

The guys really like it when the girl in whom they are interested does not focus only on the guys.

Believe me, if you start using a similar strategy, he will soon show up and call you to chat.

10. Spend time with friends, but share happy moments with a man

This tip may be a little contrary to the previous one. But here the main thing is to catch a subtle nuance: when you spend time separately (for example, with friends), share funny or pleasant moments with your man.

It is very important that he knows and understands that you can be good, fun and without him.

After you spend some time away from your man, he will be pleased that you have a good time and without him, however, he will also become jealous.

This can be a great strategy if you want to even more fall in love with a potential partner and hook him.

Believe me, very soon he will miss you. If he sees how you have a good time, he will want to become part of your shared adventure.

Guys are amazing creatures. As soon as they see that girls have fun without them, they immediately activate.

Remember that men love with their eyes. The visual effect is very important for them. Show him something good and beautiful and you will see that he immediately takes up the initiative. This will be his next step.

11. Use social media to highlight your independent, successful life.

The Internet is evil.

But sometimes you can use social networks to your advantage. One of the best ways to make a person miss you is to be active and independent.

Your independence is what will undoubtedly attract a man.

Let your Mr. X see a new, independent you through social networks. Did you attend an interesting cooking class or finally take a parachute jump? Make sure your social media contacts also see this.

But do not post unnatural posts or photos. They must be real, sincere. Be bright, fun, and most importantly, real in photos.

Men do not miss such a woman. Again, the young man immediately wants to be near you and make new and interesting adventures together.

Remember that they want to see that outside you have your own personal life. What's the best way to show him this? Of course, social networks that can work for you.

Please note that if you constantly send your selfies to him from the phone, this tactic will not be so effective. Обычно, когда вы веселитесь с друзьями и отправляете ему фотографии, это будет означать, что вам не так уж и интересно происходящее веселье и вы только и думаете, что о своем мужчине.

Вместо этого используйте социальные сети, чтобы ваш молодой человек увидел, что в вашей жизни происходят интересные события.

The editors of especially recommends paying attention to this advice:

12. Update your image

This advice may seem to someone so old and hackneyed, however, it does work.

Believe me, new makeup and hairstyle can work wonders. This tactic is especially effective when it comes to your ex. Fundamental changes for the better, in fact, make a man think, but did he do the right thing by leaving you?

Be sure to change your hairstyle, try a new make-up, treat yourself to a beautiful dress or sexy high-heeled shoes.

Besides the fact that the new image will make you feel more confident and beautiful, men, including your ex-boyfriends, will look at you differently.

It would be nice to even go to a place that so often visits the object of your sympathy, well, or your ex.

Be sure that as soon as he sees you, updated and beautiful, he will want to be closer to you. When a woman looks great, it attracts the opposite sex. After all, each of us remembers the simple truth that a man loves with his eyes.

In addition, it will be nice if you attract the attention of surrounding men. This, undoubtedly, will provoke jealous feelings in a man.

Figuratively speaking, changing your appearance, you kill two birds with one stone: increase your own self-esteem, and also attract the attention of men.

So, change the bored hairstyle, lose weight or change the makeup to a brighter or, on the contrary, more gentle and muffled. You will see that people around you will quickly notice pleasant changes.

13. Flirt with someone else

Jealousy may be your worst enemy, but it can also be your best friend.

There is no simpler way to make a man think about you than to make him jealous. Let him think that you have someone else, that you do not lack attention from the opposite sex.

Try to flirt, flirt, but do it beautifully. Let the potential young man see that you are causing interest in potential suitors. It can be just a friend or a fan who likes you.

Men are creatures who love competition. In addition, they are warriors and hunters by nature. Therefore, when they see that the object of their sympathy is also of interest to someone, possessive feelings awaken from them, which in some situations can play into the hands of a woman.

In addition, try not to pay attention to him for a while, limiting yourself to a simple "hello." You will see how magical this behavior is.

14. Treat him as a friend, not as an object of your boundless sympathy.

Even if you miss this man badly, you should not show it to him. Do not fawn in front of him, but, on the contrary, always be at your best, a little cold and unapproachable.

One more piece of advice: reconsider your attitude towards him, start treating him as a good friend, and not as a person who has completely mastered your mind and heart.

Hold back and do not show the feelings that you had towards this man. And even if it will be very difficult to do, try. Be polite, courteous and do not flirt.

Such tactics will become more effective if, during your chance meeting, a friend or fan suddenly appears next to you. When he realizes that the world does not revolve around him, he will look at you differently.

There are risks to this behavior. For example, your cold attitude may make him think that you are not interested in him, so think a hundred times before starting to act like that.

For example, if he is a sensitive person, your behavior can cause him an emotional blow. In this case, it’s best to keep other guys at a distance and try other ways to get his attention.

15. Be happy

Remember the expression: the best outfit for a girl is happiness. Wear it without taking it off. Perhaps this is the best and most effective advice: be happy!

Do not try on the role of the victim or the sufferer, believe me, this does not attract men. Instead, shine with happiness, rejoice, smile. Be happy just because you deserve to be happy.

Have you always wanted to visit Paris? What prevents you from fulfilling your dream? Book your flight now! Want to learn something new? Run to enroll in courses!

Want to discover your new talent? Sign up for drawing or music lessons. Do what you want and make you happier. Happy faces attract others. If the object of your sympathy sees that you are truly happy, he will not miss such a girl.

Men love satisfied, smiling girls, because surrounded by such women they also feel joyful and happy.

If you constantly complain, suffer and feel sad, he will begin to associate you with a bad, depressing atmosphere. Sooner or later, a man will get tired of your eternal nagging and displeased face, and he will find one that will make him happy.

Smile, laugh, be happy! Sincere happiness and genuine positive emotions are what attract the opposite sex.