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Parents took the phone, how to prove to them that they do not have the right to do this?

Many parents, as a punishment, deprive the child of the opportunity to use their mobile phone. Perhaps you also come across such punishment from time to time. As a rule, parents are forced to do so if the child is behaving badly. If you want to return the phone, first of all, you should understand why the parents took it from you. In addition, you will need to discuss ways with your parents to return the phone. Parents should see that you are responsible for your promise and use the phone correctly.

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I took the phone from my daughter for 3 days, I didn’t die. learn to behave

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Phone is your property. and who lays money on him? And you eat at whose expense? By the way, all the furniture in the house, TV and computer are the property of your parents. if you talk like that, you can stay hungry without pants. still have a desire to contact the police and decide where whose property?)))

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Why can’t you take the phone away from the child?

Therefore, think about it: how can a child perform these extremely important and necessary tasks if you simply tear the phone out of his hands at the most crucial moment? Of course, taking a teenager’s mobile for a while, say, two days or a week, you defend your point of view as a parent and let him know that in some ways he was wrong and should continue to behave better. But it also extremely negatively affects the adaptation of the child in society.

How does a teenager feel?

Without a smartphone, which he is used to not letting go, a teenager will feel “disconnected” from everyone and everything. And this can lead to disruption of social ties and organizational systems in general.

When they take such a necessary gadget from him, it makes the child feel that his parents do not trust him. Moreover, he feels an injustice: instead of punishing for that and in connection with what he really did, his parents simply select the phone, because they consider this the only way to force the child to do what is required of him.

Is there any benefit from this?

Unfortunately not. Moreover, such a punishment will have only negative consequences. It will not make a teenager rush headlong to do what you want from him. It is as if your child could not fall asleep, and you would have taken his favorite blanket from him to help him more quickly fall asleep. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

What to do?

Why take away from children something when you can just talk to them, "bargain" and make a deal that really motivates them? You are better than anyone else, you know what your teenager actually loves. So why not offer him a small coveted reward so that he works faster or does something he doesn't want at all?

Instead, many parents take the path of least resistance and strip their kids of electronic devices. In most cases, this does not lead to anything good: all this time the teenager will just sit, doing absolutely nothing, going crazy with the impossibility of communication and looking forward to the return of the phone. Parents, there are much better ways to get obedience from children than just confiscate their smartphones!