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Bathing naked: the beauty of a naked body from Dina Templeton

2 fun stories about naturism last weekend.

Introductory: we went to the ESTA MEPhI rally by a "small" fun group of three naturist families, 2 - large families, one - with two children. Total in the parking lot 5 adults and 8 children from 2 to 13 years. (Madhouse, of course, but fun :-))

Now the stories:
1. We go swimming in Nerskaya. Four older children (half of them are mine) with one of the daddies crossed the river and sunbathe on the opposite bank. I swim with the younger “team members” in shallow water off the coast. Another part of the group stands on the shore and wonders if they really want to swim :-)
Kayaks appear on the river. 4 crews. Our comrade from the opposite shore (also an avid kayaker) loudly proclaims: "hello to friends-watermen." 2 crews pass, waving their hands in greeting, and from the third the question comes: "Guys, what is the name of your sect"? :-))))))

2. The next day. The return road to the Podosinki station. A couple of kilometers from the station is a pretty pond. The general desire is to make a bathing halt before boarding the e-ku.
On our favorite place still on the way there, two cyclists sit. Do not swim, just relax. Very politely we ask permission to swim here with children without clothes (we really ask - that is, if the reaction was negative, we would go look for another place).
Quite calmly they answer: “yes, bathe, please, what’s the matter for us,” but then they quickly film and leave. We still did not understand, whether we still confused them, or they themselves were going to go, who would now sort it out.