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How to change attitudes, How to change attitudes to life


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There is a hackneyed expression that says that changing your views is like changing the window through which you look at the world. Awareness of one’s views and a willingness to consider other worldviews are an important component of personality development. It’s extremely difficult to change your mind about life, but thinking about your ideas and those of other people, you can take a comprehensive approach that will help you change your outlook on life and the world around you.

How to change your attitude - recommendations

It is worth understanding one simple thing: any event that occurs does not carry either a positive side or a negative one. Only we ourselves are able to give it one way or another. But how to change your attitude to the situation, what to do to benefit yourself? It is about this that the article will go further.

Whatever situation in life arises, it is worth approaching it from a philosophical perspective. No need to throw out of the fire in the next hell. A negative situation has occurred, sit down, cool down. In this case, it is advisable to get away from everyone and retire, only in private with yourself you can draw independent conclusions.

If after solitude it’s not possible to calm down and come to a state of balance, then try to turn on relaxing relaxing music, visit a cool shower, water, by the way, helps to wash away all the neglect that has collapsed. Try to think of something good. Try to sleep, if, of course, it is possible.

After you manage to come to relative calm, the emotions subside, you need to remember everything that happened, but you must put yourself in the role of an observer.

It’s as if you are watching a movie or listening to someone’s story without your participation. No wonder they say that they know better from the side. By placing yourself in this particular position, you can reasonably draw the necessary conclusions.

Further, in order to change the attitude to the situation, write down the advantages in any stressful situation that happened earlier, indicate what lessons you learned then, what were its consequences and how they differed from the initial expectations. Then describe the current situation. Think about what unexpected bonuses or lessons it can bring.

It is worth choosing one important position for yourself and adhering to it throughout your life. The position is as follows: everything that is not done is aimed at making us stronger.

Regardless of the current situation, you should not look for the guilty, and even worse, blame yourself, you should approach the situation from the other side and find positive points.

Looking for constantly negative sides in any situation, you yourself, without suspecting it, attract negative to yourself. So, be reasonable and approach any situation with a philosophical attitude.

How do we perceive the world

To see noticeably more of the world than now, of course, you will not succeed. As the neurologist David Eagleman explains, if you look at the electromagnetic spectrum, then we see only one ten billionth information surrounding us. This is just a tiny window.

Our idea of ​​reality shapes and changes our view of the world around us, and also limits our cognitive abilities. Psychologist Timothy Wilson explains that we interpret the world in many ways unconsciously, and this becomes a real problem in disputes with other people who have their own reality.

Eagleman says that you must first realize this. This is intellectual modesty: to realize that although you consider something specific to be reality, you don’t see much, and this is part of the reality of other people. Awareness of this helps to start looking at the world in a new way. Most of us cannot do this simply by pressing a button: some exercises are needed to teach the brain to look at a situation from different perspectives before making a choice. Here are some ways to tap into this idea.

How to change your outlook on life - tips

The most effective way will be the option with stimulating the soy nervous system with bonuses. For example, if you promise yourself after a difficult conversation with your boss not to be upset, not to waste your nerve cells and just take the situation as it is, this will be your first victory.

For victory in any occupation, a prize must be relied upon. This means that you should treat yourself to your favorite dessert in a cafe, buy a new blouse that will ideally meet all the strict requirements of the dress code, or simply allow yourself to relax in the morning a little longer than usual.

If your experiences are related to family and personal problems, try to solve them in order. To change the attitude to the situation, make a list yourself, in which you write the essence of the problem and its solutions. Then, through analysis, select the best of all possible options and bring it to life.

If it is difficult to resolve the issue in one approach, describe in detail the term and stages of the decision. So, for example, if you are worried about payments on a loan that was taken by your family, then it’s worth prescribing a detailed repayment schedule for your reassurance.

Plan all development scenarios

Clear planning of critical situations and increased stressful moments will help you not only feel more confident, but also not spend a lot of time on completely useless experiences. There is a problem - we write the proposed options for solving it and do everything to put one of these options into practice.

Another effective way to change your attitude to life is the method of auto-training. According to it, you utter in advance all the fears and dangerous moments of the current situation and give yourself the command to not be afraid. This technique allows you to increase self-esteem, since each fear you defeated is the next step towards personal growth.

Do not be afraid to set yourself ambitious goals, because they will become for you a kind of beacons that will lead through life. There is nothing wrong with starting to change your attitude to a life situation from the very smallest - the formation of a new dream.

Dreams, as you know, inspire us and allow us to move on, achieve even greater results in a short period of time. But the dream must necessarily have a real percentage for its implementation.

For example, you dream about a car and put aside from each salary your dream. You can also dream of a summer cottage in Sochi, but if your salary does not allow you to buy a summer cottage there and the period of fulfilling your summer cottage is more than a hundred years, then you should change the dream of a summer cottage in Sochi to a more closely located region.

Unfortunately, severe disappointments happen in people's lives, which can lead to depression or even cause complete apathy to everything that happens.

In such situations, it is very important to be able to not lose interest in life, to be able to change attitudes towards the situation. How to change the outlook on life when there is no motivation for life? It is worth taking only a few serious steps on the path to change, and you can notice how a smile began to appear on your face again and you began to enjoy simple human joys.

What can change the outlook on human life

If necessary, try to change the circle of communication. It is very important that you are surrounded by people who radiate positive energy. Try to communicate less and, if possible, avoid people who are pessimistic.

If possible, go on a trip. Changing the place of stay will help to get new emotions and sensations, which are a necessary component of any person, especially those who are depressed.

Relatives can help change the outlook on life and surrounding reality. Typically, the closest relatives and friends can provide important support. Try to spend more time with people who are pleasant for you.

As you know, all life is a game, so each of us is one of the actors. Try to learn to play according to the rules that the surrounding life sets. Be more flexible in different situations - this can significantly help in overcoming various obstacles.

Try to always look good - this will help draw attention to you from people. Thus, you can increase your self-esteem and return love to yourself.

Want to change your attitude? Then do not forget to eat well. No matter what happens, you need strength for a quality life, you should never forget about it. The receipt of balanced food will allow you to feel good, which is important for the establishment of your life principles

Try to do more in your favorite activities to change your outlook on life. If there is a craving for sports, then start going to training. If there is a tendency to attend cultural events, then you should start to regularly visit various places of art. The main thing is that any activity brings pleasant emotions, which are a prerequisite for a quality life.

Remember that in order to regain interest in life, first of all you must figure out the reasons for the emergence of such a situation in which the excitement of life was lost. Try to relate to life situations easier. Do not forget that life is a game, and the main part in it!

Wait five minutes before answering

We often regret our words during debate and intense debate. ReWork author Jason Fraid gives a simple tip: wait five minutes. Think do not react immediately. In many cases, when we are in the process of a dispute, we do not have such luxury, but in other discussions - correspondence, social networks, even speaking at conferences - there is enough time to formulate an answer and rebuild our reality before saying stupidity. Just let the ideas settle - this will inevitably prompt you to rethink your positions, weigh different views.

In monotonous situations, force yourself to think in an alternative way

Writer David Foster Wallace talks about the dangers of a world-view focused only on oneself and the importance of “turning over” what we proceed from by default and pondering other points of view. When a situation or another person annoys you, think about in which case you would do the same as him. If someone cuts you on the road, try to imagine under what conditions you would do that. If you do this regularly, Wallace notes, you will begin to become more aware of the world around you.

Describe your day from someone else's point of view

Wilson talks about how important it is to record what is happening in order to understand different opinions and perspectives. Try to describe your working day, your creative work or your state of happiness from the perspective of another person, as objectively as possible so as not to paint what is described in negative tones. This distance helps to change your story, look at it differently, give it a new meaning.

I also try to do this sometimes, reminding myself that my interpretation is only an interpretation. She is not the only one. Describing your day from a different perspective may give you an unexpected idea of ​​where the problem really lies.

However, it is not enough to change your view of the world. It is also helpful to re-calibrate your self-perception. Let's see how this can be done.

Edit your story

One of the main themes of Wilson’s book is the idea that we subconsciously form certain stories, themes that define the world in our eyes and our sense of reality. They, like any other story, can be edited - to change your personal interpretation of yourself and the social world to become happier. Here is one of the exercises that Wilson offers.

- Find a quiet, secluded place to write.
- Describe your problem for 15 minutes in a row.
- Whenever you write about stress or a problem, you reveal more and, as a result, you can then edit your version of the story and better understand it. It shows how your interpretation of the world affects your decisions, your creativity, your productivity.

Change your approach to self-presentation

Research at Northwestern University shows that your self-presentation affects your personality. For example, not only how people see you, but also how you see yourself depends on clothes. Thus, you can change your self-perception, and therefore your reality, if you start to wear other clothes. Try this as an experiment: dress differently and during the day, record how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Does a tie help you feel older? Does the uniform change your attitude towards work?

Try on a new identity for an hour or two

This idea may seem strange if you do it surrounded by friends or relatives, but if you take such an experiment on an airplane or on a bus, it can completely change your reality. And it is surprisingly easy to do. Wilson writes: “I am a little inclined to introversion, I often want me to be more talkative and more savvy in communicating at parties. This can be changed if practiced. So sometimes I say to myself: I’ll stay as an extrovert. Of course, I will never become a real extrovert, but for a while it’s amazingly easy to try on another character trait. ”

I tried it myself. To my surprise, just when you say to yourself “for the next two hours I am an extrovert”, it makes you more receptive and sociable, even if people ignore you. It also helped me better understand the difference in perception between introverts and extroverts. Before, I usually went to the coffee shop to work, and chose a quiet corner, but after this decision I began to sit closer to other people and make contact with them. I started to do this automatically and only then realized that the choice of place and position was influenced by a conscious decision made earlier.

Create disruptions in physical reality to adjust your view of the world.

When we plunge into our worldview, we stop paying attention to the world, which further limits our understanding of the world. In many ways, it’s good: when you don’t think about everyday details, it greatly increases productivity. But still it’s good to periodically slightly change your attitude to the world. This easily and sometimes leads to amazing things.

Rearrange things at home to see something new

If you live somewhere for several years, different objects begin to get lost, the paintings that you wanted to hang on the wall are forgotten in the box, and you are so relaxed in this world that you stop paying attention to it.

You don’t need to completely rearrange everything or buy new furniture. It is enough, for example, to take and hang pictures or photographs on the walls or move to another room. You need to create some kind of cognitive bump that forces you to slightly reconsider the situation and spend a little time understanding - and what you, in fact, see.

Try other routes, find new items to explore

This is also a way to expand reality, force yourself to a pause. It’s not necessary to go to work every day with a new route, but you can get to the grocery store in a slightly different way or slightly change the jogging route.

The ultimate goal of calibrating reality is to expand your perception, making life better and more interesting. The described methods can be used to break through barriers that impede creativity, solve problems at work, and cope with minor traumatic events. Once you realize the limitations of your perception, you will open your mind to a variety of new ideas.

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