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How to send SMS from a computer


Text messages have come a long way from the main means of communication in pagers to the "application" to the service of mobile operators, until, so to speak, they have not returned to where they started, because now many users communicate exclusively through messages. Yes, someone will say that messengers rule the ball, but statistics say otherwise. SMS is still on horseback. And so it would be nice to know a couple of very interesting life hacks. For example, how to send text messages from a smartphone on a schedule.

So, if you use SMS for communication, then for you there is a very interesting function that will allow you to communicate as efficiently as possible. True, for this you will need to install one of the applications, which will be discussed.

Do It Later - Text Message Automation

Thanks to this program, you can configure the schedule for sending messages. Schedule settings will be available right below the text box, just schedule the date and time from there. You can also configure the program to receive notifications (from certain users, or groups of people, or disable it altogether), and also configure both the frequency of sending and the frequency of receiving notifications from the application. As a bonus, you will be able to send not only SMS messages, but also text messages for various social networks.

Textra SMS

Textra SMS is not such an advanced application compared to the previous one. It allows you to do exactly what is stated: to poison messages on a schedule. Is that the interface here is less loaded and more concise. Clicking the “+” icon to the left of the text field allows you to enter the additional menu where you can set the date and time. Simple and tasteful.

A distinctive feature of Pulse SMS is that this program easily works not only on a smartphone, but also on a tablet, and even in the web version format. There is also a separate tab with a schedule of all your scheduled messages, sorted by time and date.

SMS through the operator’s website

In most cases, the special service that is presented on the official website of most well-known mobile operators is perfect. This method is suitable for those who currently do not have access to their phone, but have an account on the website of their operator. However, each such service has its own functionality and it is far from always enough to have a pre-created account.

If your operator is MTS, then registration of your personal account is not required. But it’s not so simple. The fact is that although it is not necessary to have a ready-made account on the operator’s website, it is necessary that there is a telephone with an installed MTS SIM card nearby.

To send a message using the MTS official website, you will need to enter the mobile phone numbers of the sender and recipient, as well as the text of the SMS itself. The maximum length of such a message is 140 characters, and it is completely free. After entering all the necessary data, a confirmation code will be sent to the sender’s number, without which it is impossible to complete the process.

In addition to standard SMS, the site has the ability to send MMS. It is also completely free. Messages can be sent only to numbers of MTS subscribers.

Plus, there is the opportunity to download a special program that also allows you to perform all the above steps without visiting the official website of the company. However, in this case, the messages will no longer be free and their cost will be calculated based on your tariff plan.

As in the case of MTS, it is not necessary for Megafon subscribers to have a registered personal account on the official website to send a message from a computer. However, again, at hand should be a phone with an activated SIM card company. In this regard, this method is not entirely practical, but for some cases it is still suitable.

Enter the number of the mobile sender, recipient and message text. After that, we enter the confirmation code that came to the first number. Message sent. As in the case of MTS, this process does not require financial costs from the user.

Unlike the service on the MTS website, the competitor’s MMS sending function is not implemented.

The most convenient of the above services is Beeline. However, it is only suitable in cases where the recipient of the message is the subscriber of the operator. Unlike MTS and Megafon, it is enough to indicate only the recipient's number here. That is, it is not necessary to have a mobile phone on hand.

After entering all the necessary data, the message will be sent immediately without additional confirmation. The cost of this service is zero.

The service on the TELE2 website is as simple as in the case of Beeline. All you need is a mobile phone number belonging to TELE2 and, naturally, the text of the future message.

If you need to send more than 1 message, such a service may not be suitable. This is due to the fact that a special protection is installed here, which does not allow sending many SMS from one IP address.

My SMS Box Service

If for any reason the sites described above are not suitable for you, try other online services that are not tied to any particular operator, and also offer their services for free. On the Internet, there are a huge number of such sites, each of which has its own individual advantages and disadvantages. However, in this article we will consider the most popular and convenient of them, which is suitable for almost all occasions. This service is called My SMS Box.

Here you can not only send a message to any mobile number, but also track the chat with him. However, the user remains completely anonymous to the recipient.

At any time, you can clear the correspondence with this number and leave the site. If we talk about the shortcomings of the service, the main and perhaps the only one is the difficult process of receiving a response from the addressee. A person who receives SMS from this site will not be able to just answer it. To do this, the sender must create an anonymous chat, a link to which will automatically appear in the message.

Plus, in this service there is a collection of ready-made messages for all occasions that you can use for free.

Special software

If for some reason the above methods are not suitable for you, you can also try special programs that are installed on your computer and allow you to send messages to phones for free. The main advantage of these programs is the huge functionality with which you can solve many problems. In other words, if all the previous methods solved only one problem - to send SMS from a computer to a mobile phone, then here you can use more extensive functionality in this area.

SMS Organizer

The SMS-Organizer program is designed for mass mailing of messages, but, of course, you can send single messages to the desired number. Here, many independent functions are implemented: from your own templates and reports to the blacklist and the use of proxies. If you do not need to send messages, it is better to use other methods. Otherwise, the SMS Organizer may work fine.

The main disadvantage of the program is the lack of a free version. For official use, you must purchase a license. However, the first 10 messages have a trial period.

Unlike SMS-Organizer, the iSendSMS program is designed specifically for the standard sending of messages without mass mailing, moreover, it is completely free. Here, the ability to update the address book, use proxies, anti-gate and so on is implemented. The main drawback is that sending is possible only to a certain number of operators on the basis of the program itself. And yet this list is quite extensive.

ePochta SMS

The e-mail SMS program is intended for mass mailing of small messages to the necessary numbers. Of all the above methods, this is the most costly and impractical. At a minimum, all of its unified functions are paid. Each message is calculated depending on the tariff plan. In general, this software is best used only as a last resort.


Although the issue of sending SMS from a personal computer to mobile phones is not so relevant nowadays, there are still a huge number of ways to solve this problem. The main thing is to choose the one that suits you. If you have a phone at hand, but there is not enough money on its balance or you cannot send a message for another reason, you can use the service of your operator. For those cases when there is no phone nearby, My SMS Box service or one of the special programs is perfect.

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What is SMS?

So what is SMS? It is unlikely that someone will be able to decipher the Russian abbreviation, since it is just a transcription of the English SMS (Short Message Service), which means “short message service”. This special technology allows mobile users to share mini-letters with each other (160 total in Latin and no more than 70 characters in Cyrillic).

Today, such messages are an integral part of the modern world and mobile technologies in general. This service is used by more than 90% of mobile communication customers, and the number of messages sent has long exceeded hundreds of billions per year. By sending a short text to the number of another subscriber, you can make an appointment, notify about an important event, wish a happy birthday or express condolences about the loss of a loved one.

When did the short message service appear?

The short message service was first created specifically for GSM Phase 1 (a digital standard that supports data transfer rates up to 10 kbit / s). The introduction of SMS into the standard was carried out in 1989, thanks to well-known people: Friedhelm Hillebrand (Deutsche Telekom), Kevin Holly (Cellnet), Ian Harris (Vodafone) and others.

The first message was sent in December 1992, in the UK. SMS from a computer to a phone was sent to Vodafone's GSM network. It was a simple Merry Christmas.

In the Russian Federation, SMS messages began to be exchanged only in 2000.

Advantages and disadvantages of short message service

A lot of time has passed since the sending of the first text message, and since then the mobile service has managed to change greatly, as well as get many advantages. But, unfortunately, due to the rapid development of technologies, in addition to the advantages, the SMS sending service also has disadvantages. All this is described in the corresponding table below.

Advantages and disadvantages of SMS

Support for all cellular networks, from GSM to UMTS.

Slow message delivery speed - from 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the mobile operator.

Receive notification of delivery or SMS.

The limit on the number of characters entered per message.

The ability to send a text message to a subscriber who is out of network coverage or in situations where a telephone conversation is not possible (for example, during a meeting).

Frequent technical problems with sending SMS messages between different mobile operators.

But, despite the presence of quite significant shortcomings, SMS is very popular among mobile subscribers. In addition, almost every year, many developers try to improve the service. They produce a variety of devices and software designed to make life easier for users. These include, for example, T9 input technology or SMS voice dialing for Android phones. With these features in your smartphone, you can forget about the inconvenient typing of a text message.

How does SMS work?

Short text messages are transmitted in the same way as a voice signal, from the base transceiver station (BS) through the switching centers and to the SMSC (Short Message Service Center). It is SMSC that is responsible for receiving, saving and their further sending. After the message has reached the processing center, it is sent to the nearest BS, where the recipient is located.

If the subscriber has the phone turned off or he finds himself outside the coverage area of ​​the network, the center will save the message until it is again in touch. If the recipient is not online for a long time, the sender will receive a notification - SMS, which says that it is impossible to send a message. If the switch has established communication with the subscriber, then the message is transmitted by standard signal channels.

When the text is received, it is displayed on the phone screen and stored in the subscriber identity module, SIM card. If the connection fails, the switch notifies the SMSC to retransmit the information.

Ways to send SMS messages

About what SMS is and how this service works, it was already said earlier. Now you can learn about how a text message is sent.

There are only three ways to send SMS:

  • From mobile to mobile.
  • From a computer to a mobile phone.
  • From a mobile phone to a computer.

How to send SMS from mobile to mobile?

To send a short text message from one mobile to another mobile phone:

  1. Go to the "Messages" section in the phone’s main menu.
  2. Click Create Message.
  3. Add recipient number (manually or using contact search).
  4. Type the message itself.
  5. Click "Submit".

In addition, in some mobile phones you can send SMS via "Contacts". To do this, you need:

  1. Go to "Contacts".
  2. Select recipient number.
  3. Click the message icon next to the phone number.
  4. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 of the standard procedure for sending SMS.

It is also worth mentioning special widgets (simple controls) in new smartphones. Icons of these small programs can be placed on the main screen of a mobile phone and switched to the Messages menu without performing any additional actions.

Sending short text messages is a paid service. The cost of SMS is indicated in the tariff plans and may vary significantly, depending on the chosen mobile operator. It can be from 1 rub. and above, the most expensive messages sent to other countries.

How to send SMS from a computer to a mobile phone?

Send SMS from computer to phone is even easier than from one mobile to another. This can be done using the site of a particular mobile operator or third-party resources, which are more than enough on the Internet. Most of these Internet resources do not charge for the provision of services, but instead attach small advertising messages to the main body of the message.

To send free SMS messages from the site, you need to know:

  • name of the mobile operator (Beeline, Megafon, MTS, etc.),
  • Recipient's phone number
  • country and operator code (for example, sending SMS to Ukraine, instead of the usual +7 (9xx), the code is +3 (8xx).

In addition to the sites of mobile operators and third-party Internet resources, you can also send messages using programs familiar to many users. For example, the function of sending SMS is present in Mail Agent, QIP or Skype. But such a service will already cost money.

How to send SMS from a mobile phone to a computer and is it possible?

Many who know what SMS is will not believe it, but you can send a message from a mobile phone to a computer. For this, the recipient will need an ordinary GSM-modem, which must be connected to a PC.

To receive SMS-messages on a computer, you first need to install a SIM-card in the modem, which will be unlocked (PIN-code). In some cases, in order to receive messages, the user will have to perform additional configuration of the equipment.

Common problems with sending SMS and ways to solve them

While sending messages, many often encounter various problems. For example, an SMS notification does not come, or after a successful message has been sent, the addressee has not received it. In such cases, there are several ways to solve problems:

  1. Check the availability of funds in the account.
  2. Check for the presence and congestion of communication (often on holidays SMS does not work correctly).
  3. Change sending SMS via GPRS to GSM.
  4. Check if SMSC is installed on the phone and is it configured correctly.
  5. Try to send a message in full international format - +7 (9xx) xxx-xx-xx.
  6. Check if the correct SMS format is set in the settings of the mobile phone. Russian mobile operators accept only “text” and “GSM-alphabet” formats.
  7. Check the fullness of the SIM card (if SMS notifications do not come).
  8. Contact the recipient, there may be problems on his part.
  9. Call the mobile operator’s service and ask for new SMS configuration settings.

Fun facts about sending SMS messages

И напоследок несколько интересных фактов о SMS-сообщениях:

  • США является лидером по отправке коротких текстовых сообщений.
  • Ежегодно абоненты по всему миру отправляют более 6 триллионов текстовых сообщений, что больше 190 тыс. СМС в секунду.
  • С целью сокращения количества знаков в одном СМС-сообщении жители многих стран используют аббревиатуры некоторых словосочетаний и фраз.
  • People who often print messages, including SMS, may develop tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon of the hand).
  • Modern cellular networks can receive SMS messages during a telephone conversation of a subscriber. This in no way affects mobile and voice traffic.
  • “Smashing” is a special type of fraud by sending SMS messages, the purpose of which is to seize the user's confidential data or his money.
  • The concentration of a person on a set of SMS is much more than that of a driver.
  • The Guinness Book of Records has a registered record for SMS typing speed, which is 264 characters per minute.
  • In many countries, the short text messaging service is more popular than regular phone calls. So, in the world this service is used by 74% of users.