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20 ingenious ways to turn unwanted trash into useful things


Parting with old furniture can be painfully difficult. Especially when she served you faithfully and for many years pleased her gaze. But even the most beloved home furnishings cannot last forever. The bath turns yellow sooner or later, a leg falls off the chair, and the once-beloved piano spoils hopelessly.

Optionally throw away

Furniture that no longer performs its functions is sent to the trash. But old and damaged interior items can be reused. You just need to look at them from the other side. For example, the main photo shows how the piano turned into a fountain and a flowerbed at the same time.

One creative summer resident creates real masterpieces from objects that have fallen into disrepair. She thought about how to turn old things into flower beds for her plants. Savvy women can only be envied. She came up with really interesting ideas.

Old bed

Do you have an old bed? Do not rush to throw it away. Such a wonderful flowerbed can come out of it. It seems that these are not flowers, but a multi-colored sheet. Weaving plants nicely decorated the head of the bed.

Here is another design for an iron bed. There is not a single flowering plant, but the composition still looks aesthetically pleasing. It seems the bed is covered with a soft green bedspread.

The thing is in the car

Life hack for those who do not know where to put the old car. This floral arrangement can be created using this item. It is advisable to plant fairly large flowers on the sides, which will beautifully hang from the edges of the car. In the center, plant medium-sized flowers like petunias or marigolds.

Bath with flowers

Take your time to throw away your old bathtub. Turn it into a flowerbed. This is a convenient option, as there is a drain in the bath. Watering will not stagnate.

A bath is a large container, so you can plant both small-sized plants and large flowers. Or plant tall plants in the center, and lower plants closer to the sides.

Flower in boots

Who would have thought that a rubber pot would also make a flower pot? Do not forget to make a few holes in the sole so that the water does not stagnate. The gardener decided to grow pelargonium in boots. You just admire how colorful it turned out! Such decor will become an adornment of any summer residence.

Bright rug from old t-shirts

When your T-shirt is suddenly hopelessly torn or spoiled, do not rush to send it to rags, because, having accumulated such pieces 3-4, you can easily make an unusual rug in the hallway, bathroom and any other room.

We let the forest into the house

Nature is one of the central themes of interior design of the last decade. It would seem that only painted branches and parts of trees, and this is not only beautiful, but also functional. Hangers, room partitions, shelves, pretty panels - natural elements have many possibilities. We take note for apartments and country houses.

Turning the Unnecessary into the Beautiful

In each house there is a kind of warehouse of glass jars of different sizes and shapes. They seem to reproduce themselves on shelves. Finally, they got a chance to become full-fledged decor items. Sconces, vases, storage containers, flower pots, wall decorations - your fantasy will tell you how to use a simple glass jar to stylize your interior.

Home staircase to heaven

And the old wooden staircase can become the basis of the interior, if, of course, it is slightly ennobled with paint and varnish. Stairs can not only become a feature of the room, but also an excellent hanger, towel holder, shelves for books, a chair or a rack for trifles.

Just served your suitcase

A simple suitcase can become a super find for the interior of almost any style - from art deco to Scandinavian minimalism. It is beautiful, functional, and very creative. The suitcases put in order that have served their purpose can be tables, newsstands, caskets for necessities, poufs. They can be painted, pasted, given a more modern or, conversely, shabby look.

1. Vote for naturalness

In recent years, nature has become a central motive in interior design. That is why wooden furniture and natural shades are so popular now. So we advise you not to fall behind and keep up with fashion. For example, paint the branches of trees and make them a hanger, partition, shelf, stand for jewelry. You can even just put them in a vase and enjoy the unusual composition. In general, everything is in your hands.

Such an interior move is suitable for both an apartment and a country house or cottage. Such twigs will look especially harmonious in wooden cottages, in which unity with nature is felt.

2. Recall labor lessons

Surely, in every house there are many glass jars intended for conservation. If you have not used them for their intended purpose for a long time and the container only takes up useful free space, we suggest picking up paints with a brush and turning a regular jar into a decoration. What you get as a result of needlework is up to you to decide. It can be a bright stand for pens or brushes for makeup, a lamp, a flower pot, a container for spices or cereals, a needle bed. Fantasy and personal needs will tell you how to dispose of ordinary glass containers.

3. Fancy glass vases

We also don’t recommend throwing glass bottles out of alcohol, otherwise you will miss the opportunity to acquire an original handmade vase. Especially pay attention to non-standard options with beautiful bends and smooth lines. They will look great on a shelf as a vase for dried flowers or fresh flowers.

4. Staircase as a rack

Owners of old wooden stairs also found themselves in a winning position. A little paint, varnish and artistic skills will help turn this seemingly useless item into a practical and functional bookcase. If you already have a bookcase for literature - do not worry. The ladder can also be turned into a hanger, a towel holder, a shelf for small things.

5. Not for food

Who said that plates can only be used for eating and cooking needs? From them you can make an amazing piece of decor by simply hanging it on the wall. For this, it is not necessary to buy special dishes. The usual "grandmother" plates, which have been gathering dust on a shelf for a long time, will do. And if you take a mug and plate from a coffee set, you can get an interesting lampshade in the wall.

6. Candles in cups

Services also have no place in old sideboards. They can find a more interesting application. For example, place a wick in the center of the cup and “season” it with molten wax. It will turn out a beautiful decorative candle. Such jewelry will be not only a highlight in the interior, but also make a wonderful gift for a loved one, relative or colleague.

7. Fork-spoons

From forks and spoons you can build an interesting kitchen lampshade. Of course, such an original product will not be appropriate in every interior, especially if your apartment is decorated in a classic style, however, for a summer residence this is a very good option. In addition to its interesting appearance, its advantage is also functionality - when friends suddenly come, you will always know where to get the cutlery.

8. Slate paint

Slate paint will help create a creative interior in the design of the kitchen or children's room. You only need to paint any wall, wait until it dries, arm yourself with chalk and draw or write on it whatever your heart desires. If such a creative is not enough for you, you can go further and apply a magnetic mixture to the surface. After that, you will be able to not only draw on the wall, but also fix photos, recipes, notes on it using ordinary magnets.

9. But what about the hat?

When cleaning the mezzanines, pay attention to whether there is an old hat that no one needs. If luck smiled at you and a hat was found, do not hesitate: refuel it with a cartridge and cord, twist the lamp and enjoy the lamp. A hat-shaped lamp is an excellent design solution for such styles as loft, hi-tech, minimalism.

10. Suitcase is not for things

Almost every apartment has a suitcase that has long served its purpose, but still lies “just in case”. We suggest to consider that this case has already arrived and to make an absolutely new, functional and creative thing out of the old travel bag. Which one is up to you. We will only give a few examples: pouffes, newsstands, trays, tables, boxes for the right things. Another plus of this accessory is that it can be subjected to any “torture”: paint, varnish, sheathe fabric. As a result, it will look more modern, or, conversely, shabby, if your goal is a vintage thing.

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