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Hey, pour amigo, or How tequila drinks a good gringo


For Mexicans, it is not as important as drinking tequila, but in Western culture it is a popular ritual that requires certain knowledge and skills. Next, I will talk about five correct ways in the understanding of Europeans and Americans, anyone can repeat them.

1. In one gulp (salt, lemon, tequila). On the outside of the palm between the thumb and forefinger, pour a little salt. Next, use the same fingers to take a slice of lime (you can use a regular lemon). Then lick the salt from the palm of your hand, drink a glass of tequila and bite with a slice of lemon. The scheme is called "Lizni! Knock over! Bite! ” It is repeated the desired number of times depending on the experience of the drinker.

More details on the video.

Recently, an extravagant version of this method has appeared - salt is licked not from the palm of the hand, but from parts of the body of a loved one, for example, from the shoulder. At this moment, the partner holds the lemon in his teeth. Many go even further ... In general, drinking tequila from the body is at least unusual and unforgettable.

2. With orange and cinnamon. The drinking procedure is the same as in the first embodiment, only the lemon is replaced with a slice of orange, and a pinch of salt with ground cinnamon. It turns out an interesting incomparable combination. This method is very popular in Germany, where the soft taste of alcohol is appreciated. Women also like to eat tequila with orange and cinnamon.

3. Tequila with beer (Mexican ruff). You need to mix 33 grams of tequila and 330 grams of good light beer. The resulting drink is drunk in one gulp. In the US, this mixture is called "Fog" because it is very intoxicating.

4. Cocktail "Margarita". One of the most popular cocktails in the world, in America alone more than 750 million servings are drunk each year. The recipe was invented by Texas aristocrat Margarita Saims in 1948, in honor of her the drink was named.

The recipe is as follows: mix three parts of tequila in a shaker with one part of Cointreau orange liqueur and one part of lemon juice, then add a few ice cubes. The finished drink is best served in a glass with a salt edge.

Cocktail Margarita

5. Cocktail "Tequila Boom" (Rapido). This method of drinking tequila is most liked by young people, it is common in nightclubs. The drink instantly invigorates, allowing you to continue the fun. For cooking, you need to mix in equal proportions any kind of tequila and sweet sparkling water. Next, cover the glass with a cup holder or hand and hit the bottom on the table (the main thing is not to break). From the blow, a strong foam appears, they drink the cocktail in one gulp.

6. Sangrita (Sangrita) and Banderita. These are traditional Mexican cocktails, the recipes of which have only recently come to Europe. Sangrita is somewhat reminiscent of our “Bloody Mary”, for its preparation you need: six tomatoes without skin, juice of two lemons and three oranges, one finely chopped onion and one teaspoon of pepper, sugar and salt. Then add 0.5 liters of tequila and mix all the components in a blender. You can still put some crushed ice.

Banderita is drunk differently. Sangarita is poured into one pile, tequila into another, and lime juice into the third, then they are drunk in turn. The colors of these drinks symbolize the national flag of Mexico. Translated into Russian, the word "banderita" means "flag".

So you can drink tequila 🙂

How to drink tequila if you are a bad gringo

If you are a bad gringo, you will drink tequila like everyone else - with salt and lime, even worse with lemon. Another marketing move. You lick the outer part of the palm between the thumb and forefinger, put a pinch of salt there. In these fingers you will take a slice of lime or lemon. Then everything is according to the scheme of Lick, Shoot, Bite: you slug the salt, drink tequila in one fell swoop, have a bite of lime / lemon. Done, you're a bad gringo. You are a bad Gringo-German if you took ground cinnamon instead of salt and orange instead of lemon.

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You're a good gringo if you drink tequila with salt and lemon like these guys ...

It is hard to say where this ritual came from. It is believed that in 1930, doctors prescribed tequila with salt and lime to prevent the Spanish flu that hit northern Mexico. Often you can hear a more “romantic” version, they say, the Latin American peasants drank tequila in the fields: they licked sweat, drank trashy mezcal and ate something that came to hand - lime. That sounds very implausible.

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What is tequila?

Tequila is a fermented and distilled blue agave juice with a strength of 51-100%. Contrary to traditional belief, agave does not belong to the Cactus family, although it has thick leaves with spikes along the edges. Blue agave grows wild in western Mexico, and is grown specifically for tequila in the state of Jalisco.

The first alcoholic drink from this plant contained only 2-8% alcohol and was called “pulke,” or “octley.” The ancient Aztecs used it to enter a trance or altered state of consciousness during spiritual practices. Unlike Europe, Aztec alcohol was available only to the elite and in small quantities.

More powerful alcohol from agave was invented by the Spanish conquistadors who conquered Mexico. They distilled the juice, decomposed starch and received "mezcal" with a strength of 40%. Only a few centuries later appeared tequila in the modern sense.

How to drink tequila if you are a poor gringo

If you are a poor gringo, you are probably going to drink cheap tequila from Auchan. Cheap tequila is a bottle labeled silver, blanca (aka plata) or gold. This is tequila without aging, a maximum of 2 months, which can not boast of a refined taste and aroma. You can read more about the classification of a Mexican drink in this article. Savoring cheap tequila is difficult, but there are at least a couple of ways to brighten up its lousy taste.

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Production and types of tequila

Today, agave cores are heated in autoclaves, crushed and sent to a vat for fermentation. To obtain a weaker concentration, cane sugar is added before fermentation. After 1-2 weeks, the liquid is filtered and distilled, after which it is sent for aging. The taste and quality of the product depend on the percentage of juice and the aging time.

5 types of tequila.

  1. Blanco A weak drink with a tangible smell of agave. It is bottled after fermentation or aged for no more than 60 days.
  2. Gold Tequila characteristic golden color with the addition of caramel and fructose.
  3. Reposado. A rich drink with an aging of 2 months to 1 year.
  4. Anejo. Product aged in wooden barrels for a period of more than 1 year.
  5. Premium 100% tequila without impurities of another alcohol.

Sangrita tequila for poor gringo

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In a large company, cheap tequila can be drunk a little differently. Entertainment is called Banderita (Banderita - from the Spanish "flag"). Pour sangrit in the first pile, tequila in the second, lime juice in the third. Drinks in wineglasses match the colors of the Mexican flag - hence the name. Drink as follows: sangrita, tequila, lime / lemon juice. Done, you poor but drunk and funny gringo. p, blockquote 8,0,0,0,0 ->

Pitcher of sangrita for a poor gringo.

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Banderite for a poor gringo.

Mexican Ruff for Poor Gringo

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Corona Extra is the eternal companion of teka.

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Tequila without a Crown - peso down the drain.

You can meet guests at a party in a very original way, though it is not for all poor gringos. Buy a few lemons, cut them in half and remove the core. Cut a small piece of zest from the bottom of the halves - the original “glass” is ready. Dip the edges of the "half-lemon" into the salt and pour inside the chilled tequila. Slipping a “glass” to a newly arrived guest. Done, you are a hospitable gringo! p, blockquote 13,0,0,0,0 ->

Tequila Boom or Rapido Cocktail

Pour a little tequila into a glass with a thick bottom and add sparkling water to your discretion, preferably sweet - Sprite or 7 Up. Cover the glass with a pack of napkins or a round bonfire for beer (it’s also a beaker). Sharply hit the table with the glass covered and drink the foaming mixture in one gulp. Great, you just learned how to make a Tequila Boom cocktail, which Mexican Spaniards called Rapido. You can go further and add a helmet and a bell / gong to the Rapido rite. You don’t understand what I mean? Watch the video below:

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If a girl drinks vodka, then she has a dark past, if she drinks tequila, then she has a bright future!

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How to drink tequila if you are a rich gringo

If you are a rich gringo, you can afford expensive, seasoned tequila: reposado, añejo or extra añejo. Reposado tequila does not last long, up to one year, añejo - up to 3 years old, extra añejo - usually up to 6 years. Good tequila can be compared with good cognac. If you are not an idiot and do not drink Martel brandies with Coke, then the culture of drinking cognac and the 3K rule are not an empty phrase for you. You need to drink an expensive Mexican drink slowly, from a snifter or a weighty glass with thick walls. Strongly warm the glass with your hands is not necessary - in tequila, it is not the smell that is valued, but the unique taste.

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A rich gringo can also afford tequila tacos.

If you are a rich gringo, you can afford Tabasco sauce and cook delicious sangrita. For this, take 2/3 of natural tomato juice, 1/3 of natural orange juice without pulp, about 7, and preferably 8 large lime fruits (you only need juice), salt and Tabasco sauce to taste. Mix all the ingredients in a large jug, adjust the taste so that none of the components stand out. The perfect sangrit is ready. Take a small sip of good tequila, but do not swallow it - hold it between your lips and teeth - feel its great taste for a couple of seconds. Drink twice as much perfect sangrita. Repeat the procedure as many times as conscience and health allow.

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If your pockets are full of pesos, then you are not averse to buying a bottle of good tequila and a bottle of Cointreau liqueur. Remember to grab a few flavored lime fruits. Congratulations, you just bought everything you need for the legendary Margarita cocktail. As a decent gringo, you mix 3 parts of tequila, 1 part of Cointreau and 1 part of lime juice in a shaker with lots of ice crumbs. Before that, you will make a salty crunch on a margarita cocktail glass: dip the edges of the glass with lime juice and then in salt on a saucer. All the wisdom of making Margarita cocktail is described in this article.

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If you are a smart gringo

If you are a smart gringo, you are not alien to the desire to make drinks yourself. You cannot do the real, 100% authentic tequila, but a gringo-schoolboy will also make a successful imitation of tequila. To do this, arm yourself with vodka, fresh aloe leaves and patience. Then follow this link, where the venerable Don Pomazan described in detail recipes for imitating tequila and other “cactus” vodkas. Oh yes, only a very very bad gringo calls tequila vodka from cactus.

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So, congratulations, you just found out how to drink tequila in a variety of different ways. Bring this knowledge to the masses, drink only 100% puro de agave Tequila and be a good gringo!

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The easiest ways to use tequila

Mexican vodka is drunk moderately chilled as an aperitif or digestif. Mexicans themselves usually use the product in its pure form and use small narrow glasses - “horses”. In cocktail glasses, they pour a drink diluted with juice or sparkling water, with which it is even more pleasant to drink tequila.

With lemon (lime) and salt

The most common and exciting way to drink tequila. How to do it right and not get confused in the course of action?

With your thumb and forefinger, you need to take a slice of lime or lemon, and pour a little salt in the dimple on the outside of the palm.

The procedure is as follows:

German - orange + cinnamon

The process is no different from the first option, only cinnamon is poured instead of salt, and an orange is chopped instead of lemon. Cinnamon interrupts the smell, and orange - the astringent taste of tequila.

The sharp taste of alcohol is loved to soften in Germany, which is why the method of serving was called German. The combination of alcohol with orange and cinnamon is ideal for women.

Tequila Boom is also called a “quick” cocktail - Rapido, because its preparation takes only a couple of minutes. This use case is popular due to the simplicity of the recipe and the unusual drinking process.


  • Tequila Silver - 50 ml,
  • Sprite - 100 ml.

Tequila and soda are mixed, a napkin is placed on the glass, and then they are knocked on the table three times. The foamed drink is drunk to the bottom.

Bandera Mexico (Banderita)

Bandera-Mexico is translated as the “flag of Mexico”. The cocktail got its name due to the fact that its colors exactly match the colors of the Mexican flag.

Banderite consists of three separate drinks:

  • sangrita - a thick red drink
  • tequila - white
  • lime juice is light green.

Each drink is poured into a separate glass or glass and drunk in the indicated order.

To prepare Sangrita, you must:

  • peel and finely chop 5-6 tomatoes,
  • squeeze the juice from 2 lemons and 3 oranges,
  • chop 1 onion,
  • add 1 teaspoon of salt, sugar and pepper.

There is another variation of Banderita, which can be reproduced in one glass or shot.


  • Grenadine Syrup - 20 ml,
  • Tequila Blanco - 20 ml,
  • green herbal liquor - 20 ml.

The first layer is Grenadine. The layers should not be mixed, so tequila and liquor are introduced in turn by a glass stick or tea rod. It is customary to prepare such a cocktail for Mexican holidays - Independence Day, etc.

The composition of "Margarita" includes:

  • tequila Silver - 50 ml,
  • Dry Orange liquor - 25 ml,
  • sugar or sweet syrup - 10 ml,
  • ice - 200 g
  • lemon - 70 g
  • salt - 2 g.

Mix the ingredients and serve in a glass with a rim of salt along the edge. In bars, sugar is sometimes used for this purpose.

Mexican Ruff (Fog)

If you mix tequila with beer, you get a Mexican ruff. And it is called “Fog” because of the strong intoxicating effect, which is not surprising.

For cooking you will need:

  • tequila - 26 ml
  • light beer - 270 ml.

An empty glass is immersed in a glass of beer, into which tequila is slowly poured. As soon as the glass sinks to the bottom, the liquids mix and the cocktail is ready.

Vampiro is one of the variations of Bloody Mary. In some Mexican villages, cocktails are served in packages, which causes even more associations with vampirism.


  • tequila - 60 ml
  • sangrit - 200 ml,
  • lemon juice - 30 ml,
  • ice - 200 g.

Additionally, you can add salt and grapefruit soda. The cocktail is served in any form, depending on the imagination.

Charro Negro

Charro Negro is rarely seen in Russian bars, but cooking at home is easy. Traditionally served in highball, but any other tall glass will do.


  • tequila - 50 ml
  • salt - 7 g
  • coca-cola - 200 ml
  • lime - ½ pcs.

Another traditional tequila-based sweet cocktail with original color.

To prepare it you will need:

  • Tequila Silver - 15 ml,
  • Dry Orange liquor - 15 ml,
  • Mango liquor - 15 ml.

Pour tequila into a glass, then pour both liquors over the stem of the spoon. It should be divided into two layers: the bottom is transparent, the top is saturated orange.

How and with what to serve tequila?

Mexican vodka is usually served chilled in glasses or piles with a massive bottom. The shape of the vessel should expand upward. Most of all, tequila is suitable as a digestif to improve digestion. The recommended strength is 38-50%.

From cold snacks, Europeans can serve:

  • assorted meat and ham,
  • soft cheese,
  • olives,
  • shrimp and mushroom salad,
  • burrito.

It is recommended to season the dishes with hot sauces and spices to emphasize the taste of the drink.

From hot dishes fit:

  • chicken legs in orange juice with spices,
  • mashed potatoes with goulash,
  • other dishes served with vodka.

After eating, tequila can be served with ice cream, hot chocolate or coffee. The choice of a digestif is best stopped at the mature Anejo, which is drunk slowly, in small sips.


The drink from Mexico quickly found fans around the world. Proper use of tequila does not require professional knowledge and skills. It is enough to choose a high-quality brand, harmoniously choose a snack and gather a company of friends.

However, tequila is a strong drink that is best drunk with caution. Excessive drinking causes severe hangover, and the abuse of spicy foods and spices causes gastritis and a stomach ulcer.