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Tip 1: 10 ways to check if a girl likes you


You are used to towering above all your friends. You feel guilty because you are closing the review in the back rows in a movie or at a concert. When you meet a person, he looks at you and says: “Wow, you're so tall!” And you answer him: "Aha, high." If all this happens in your life, then it is, you are a tall girl. But do not turn it into a tragedy. Beauty is embodied in all shapes and sizes, and if you are tall, you should be proud of your long legs and how beautiful you look. Here you will find ways to check whether you are a tall girl, and tips on how to get the most out of it, if so.

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  • 10 ways to check if a girl likes you
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If you met glances, you need to detect about 40 seconds. And if during this time she no longer looks in your direction, then most likely the look was random. In the event that she likes you, she is likely to look at you again. This is the psychology of women. They really take a second look for a short period of time.

Another test can be applied when you are sitting in the same classroom at a lecture or at a lesson, and you have the feeling that she is watching you very closely. Then just noticeably yawn. If in the next few seconds the girl yawns too, then you can be sure: she was looking at you carefully.

When a girl you feel like communicates with another guy, just go up and say hello to her. Next, look at her reaction. If she is embarrassed (lowers her eyes or takes him away) or simply says “hello” with a stone face, then she likes the person with whom she is talking,

It is quite another matter if she will be very glad to see you and actively greet. This will mean that she is not indifferent to you.

Try in her presence fun to mention, for example, the premiere of the film, about some kind of concert or other event. Then just watch.

If a girl is interested in this and she responds positively and enthusiastically to your words, then you can safely invite her to go to the event with you. This is a very convenient and painless method.

This method is suitable if you have not talked to her yet, but are in some one room. You just have to take and “stare” with a look at some object. And if in the near future she also looks in that direction, this will mean that she is really interested in you. This works with both girls and boys.

If the object that you are focusing on starts looking at some other object, then you automatically start looking there too.

Start touching her. But first, the touch should be unobtrusive. You can just pat her on the shoulder in a friendly way, hold her waist when you pass her in the doorway. Pay attention to how she reacts to these touches. You will instantly determine whether she likes it or not.

If you are in a friendly company, and some girl you like, then say a simple phrase, bait. For example, "Hmm, I had plans tonight."

And if a girl has an interest in you, then she will most likely ask: “What are your plans?”, “Who are you meeting there?” Or something like that. It’s just that her instincts and jealousy will immediately start working, and she will want to know if you have someone or not.

This method is well suited for a friendly company. Human psychology is so arranged that if everyone starts laughing at one joke, people instinctively look at the person they like. Pay attention to the girl in this case: she looked at you or not.

In an unobtrusive setting, let her know about her interests. For example, you play the guitar, are interested in a certain sport, are fond of books - anything. Tell her about it and watch.

If a girl likes you, then very soon she will also become interested in this, will raise these topics in a conversation with you.

Pay attention to her friends. They usually know who she likes. And if a girl likes you, be sure that her friends know about it.

A great way to test a girl for sympathy is through gesturing. Just make a noticeable gesture and see if she repeats it or not. It is important that the gesture is comfortable both physically and psychologically. For example, you are sitting at the same table, and you all have a glass. You can take it by the leg and start twisting. You can also, for example, take a pen and start playing it. If she likes you, then the girl at the instinct level will begin to repeat these simple actions.

These methods can really “betray” a girl. Use them and it will be easier for you to “read” the girls.

How to understand a woman?

You can understand a person in the process of communication by non-verbal information that gives you gestures, poses and facial expressions. In order to recognize whether a man is interesting to a woman or not, you need to focus on the non-verbal signals that the representative of the fair sex gives. There are more than 10 ways of nonverbalics that women unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, make it clear that they like a particular man.

Sympathy Signals

One of the oldest flirting tricks is playing with hair. If a woman straightens her hair or shakes her hair slightly, throwing them back, she is clearly interested in the interlocutor. At the same time, if the interlocutor constantly pulls her hair, such an action may mean her insecurity or nervousness.

Eyes also say a lot. Eye contact can convey interest in an interlocutor or hostility. If a man is interested in a woman, she will cast a short look at him, which will repeat itself over time and will be longer. This will happen until the object of curiosity pays due attention to the fair sex.

Another important way of manifesting female sympathy is a signal sent using body language. The body of any girl, regardless of her consciousness, is able to reveal all hidden and secret desires. The arms crossed on the chest, the body turned away from the man indicate that the lady is not interested in the interlocutor, she blocks his attempts to get to know her better. If a woman leans slightly towards the man and tries to be face to face with him, the dialogue will probably take place.

Communication is also an indicator of sympathy. If a man did not arouse interest in a woman, he will receive “dry” answers to all questions. A friendly answer is an occasion to continue acquaintance.

The tilt of the head during communication, accompanied by a charming smile and play with eyes, gives a signal that the man can act. Teasing is another chance to show that you liked a person. If during communication a woman touches her interlocutor, this also expresses her sympathy.

Imitation is a special form of flattery. This happens on a subconscious level, but suggests that the interlocutors are somewhat similar. In addition, behavior in which a woman listens with interest to an interlocutor and asks leading questions can also speak about sympathy. Female laughter in response to even the most unfunny joke of a man suggests that she is glad to meet you and ready to continue it.