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Program for creating computer programs


Greetings to all readers of! On the Internet, there is one wonderful free program for creating computer programs, it is about her that will be discussed in today's article.
Many users sometimes think about creating a computer program on their own, and there are various reasons for this, for example:

  • You want to automate your work, but did not find a ready-made program for these purposes.
  • You want to create a program out of curiosity, you are just interested in the process
  • You have a great idea on developing a program that can revolutionize the hi-tech world and put your name on the same line as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Despite the variety of these reasons, all of them are united by one difficulty - to develop a program, you need to know programming languages. A couple of months is enough to study the syntax of any programming language, and in order to understand the logic of the language and learn how to apply it in practice, it will take years. But, as you know, there are no hopeless situations! In our case, it will help us program for creating computer programswhich you can download absolutely free!

Looking ahead, I’ll say - after reading this article to the end, in a couple of hours you can create your simple programs. So let's get started.
Our program for creating computer programs called HiAsm.

HiAsm is a powerful visual application development system with which you can develop your program without the use of programming. With HiAsm, you can create various audio and video players, browsers, online chats and much more. You can create all these applications without a single line of program code, the visual environment will do everything for you!

Before starting work with software for creating programs for a computer, I suggest downloading and installing it.

After downloading, you need to go through the standard installation procedure for this application.
1. We select the desired language, in my case it is Russian.

2. Continue the installation.

3. We accept the terms of the license agreement.

4. Choose a place on the hard drive to install the program to create programs for the computer.

5. Specify the name and email address (since the confirmation of the mailbox is not required, you can specify any mail)

6. We complete the program installation process.

After you installed HiAsm, you can proceed to launch. Running our program for creating computer programs, we will see the following window:

In order to start creating your application, you need to click on the menu item "File", then "New…", choose "Windows"(If we want to create an application for Windows) and click"OK”.
Thus, we get a form for our future program, which so far contains a single element called Mainform.

The form is the foundation of the program on which the various elements will be based. To add items to our program, click on the item of the same name in the upper left programs for creating computer programs.

A tab has opened, which has a huge collection of various elements. Thanks to such a large arsenal, you can create a very serious application that will meet all your requirements.
To show how HiAsm works, I’ll create a simple program that will have one button, clicking on which the form title will change from “Form" on "Hello».

How to set an element on a form?

So, we find the button in the toolbar (when you hover over the element, a tooltip with its name will pop up), left-click on it, then move the cursor to the part of the form in which we want to place it.

How to change item settings?

In order to configure our button, go to the upper right part of the program and click "Properties". Now we see a tab with all the properties of our button. Now we are interested in the property “Caption», Which is responsible for the inscription on the button. By default, it has a value of "Push", We will change it to"Click».

How to set an action for an element?

Now we have the most difficult part in creating an application using programs for creating computer programs - we need to make the button of our program start working. Once you understand the meaning of this operation, it will become simple and logical for you.
In order for our button to change the name of the program form, we need to establish the connection of the button with the main form (MainForm element). To do this, move the mouse cursor to the green dot located on our button, then hold down the left mouse button and begin to draw a line to the center Mainform.

Now you need to double-click on the laid segment and set the name of the form that appears after clicking on the button. After double-clicking on the segment, “Data editor».

If you want to set the textual name of the form, then select String, and if it is numeric, then Integer or Real. Select the data type "String"And enter the word" in the fieldHello».
On this, our program is ready and now it needs to be tested. To do this, we save our project - “File", Then"Save as»And select a place to save. To start, we need to click on the green arrow or press the key F9.

Our program started, now we check its performance - click on our button.

As we can replace, the title of the form has changed and this means that the program is working! So that you can run the program without HiAsm, you need to create an exe file. To do this, click on the menu item "Launch"And click"Compile».
Congratulations, you just created a program for Windows! To facilitate the process of creating programs, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following concepts from programming:

  • data types,
  • the concept of events in object-oriented programming,
  • properties of components of the Delphi programming environment.

Knowledge of these concepts will greatly facilitate the process of creating programs in HiAsp. In this article, we looked at a great free program for creating computer programs, also created their first application and tested it for performance. In order for you to quickly understand the HiAsp program, I picked up some good enough video tutorials on this wonderful software development environment. I wish you a pleasant viewing!