Useful Tips

Tip 1: How to Cool Water

If you don’t like to wait until hot tea or coffee has cooled down and you can drink it, there are two quick cooling methods that we are going to share with you. So, we tell.

Take a metal spoon, dip it in a container with a hot drink so that it takes part of the heat, then remove it and it cools down, and then repeat the procedure. A spoon can be a tea or dining room (if placed), this is not important. The main thing is that metal objects have the ability to heat up quickly, taking part of the heat, and cool just as quickly. This helps to cool the drink faster.

You will need two containers. In the first you make a drink by pouring boiling water there, and the second rinse with ice water (you can from the tap). Pour the brewed drink into the chilled mug, and begin to chill the first. Then repeat the procedure as many times as needed to achieve the desired temperature of the drink.

These methods are well suited for people who do not like to dilute tea with cold water, so as not to lose its taste, or those who drink coffee. By diluting freshly brewed coffee, you do not give it enough time to brew. The same applies if the drink contains alcohol. Dilution “steals” the desired degree and spoils the taste.

Use a refrigerator or freezer

The simplest means of cooling is a refrigerator. However, a liter bottle of water or another drink will cool the refrigerator from forty-five minutes to two hours, so this method, albeit the easiest, but by no means the fastest.

The freezer will cope with cooling much faster. To speed up the process further, wrap the bottle in a damp towel or napkin before placing it in the freezer. Moisture evaporating from the surface of the towel will cool the bottle much faster. Do not overexpose it in the freezer, otherwise the drink will freeze, and you will need time to defrost it. Using a damp towel, the bottle can be cooled to an acceptable temperature in about twenty minutes.

For the next method you will need ice. In general, a small supply of ice cubes in a freezer can make life easier. The easiest way is to put ice in a glass and pour the desired water there, which very quickly becomes extremely cold. However, this method is only suitable for those drinks that cannot be spoiled by diluting them with melted ice.

You can use ice to cool an entire bottle, not just part of its contents. To do this, pour cold tap water into a suitable large container, pour as much ice as possible, and place a bottle with a drink there. Cold water will cool a bottle faster than cold air, as it conducts temperatures much better.

How to cool drinks in nature

If you want to cool a bottle with a drink in nature or your refrigerator just broke, you can use the means at hand. Find a piece of any fabric (this could be your spare shirt or T-shirt), wrap it very tightly around the bottle, securing the ends so that they do not unravel. Then pour the resulting structure with water. Suitable water from a pond, river or stream. Do not worry, it will not get inside a tight, closed bottle. This "technical" water can be at any temperature, even if it is warm, everything will go fine.

With this method, as in the case of the freezer, the whole point is the evaporation of water, which takes a significant amount of heat, which leads to cooling. So the only thing left for you to do is put the bottle wrapped and doused with water on a draft in the shade. The stronger the wind, the faster the cooling process will go. In most cases, half an hour is enough to reach the required temperature.